Web design is a process which describes the visual appearance of the website. Web design is a process which generally depends upon how the website looks like. Changes in the visual aspect of the website are known as website design.  The way website looks including the content of the website and the way website works totally depend upon the design of the website.

It is a process of planning and building a particular website by determining and implementing the colors, layout, graphics, images, text style and some attractive features which drive the visitors to your website. It refers to the design of the website that is being displayed on the Internet. The process of working on the appearance, layout, and content of the website is known as web design.

There are several advantages of web design is that the website looks attractive after the good design of the website. The user interacts with the content of the website which automatically increases the ranking of a website. The good the layout and design of the website, the greater the amount of traffic on the website. People have the great knowledge in order to become a good web designer.

Web design is a skill of presenting the content of the website on the Internet. The people should have a creative mind to become a popular web designer. The web designer should have the great knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap as well as Photoshop. Modern website design system involves the knowledge of servers like Php, Asp etc. Create a website using the user experience is known as web design.

                                                            Elements of web design

The elements of web design are as follows:-

Layout:- The layout is a way through which the images, text, and graphics will be arranged. It also helps in finding information for the visitors.  It also includes consistency, maintenance, and integrity of the design. So the layout is very much good in order to have a great web design.

Color:- The choice of the color also helps in determining the goodness of the web design. The choice of color totally depends on the niche of the website. Sometimes the website color is done according to the brand of the certain organization. So using great colors, the web design is determined.

Graphics:- It includes images, photos, videos, infographics, logos which are all helpful in determining good web design. For user-friendly websites, these things are to be placed properly having the good color of the website making in mind that these images are not too heavy so that it takes time to load.

Fonts:- It also plays an important role in determining the great web design. There should be proper fonts which look attractive to the user. The bold fonts should also be used properly in order to make a website attractive. So font selection plays an important role in great web design.

Content:- Content also plays an important role in determining the great web design. The website should be powerful in terms of visual as well as texts. What should be written on the website should be relevant as well as useful so that the user will remain on the website rather than bouncing back on another website. Content should also be search engine optimized.

                                           Factors determining user-friendly web design

Besides the basic web design elements, there are also some factors which help in determining user-friendly web design:-

Navigation:- Website architecture, as well as other navigation tools, must be created in a way that how the user search and browse the website. The user should looks into the website with an ease.

Multimedia:- The website should contain Multimedia option like audio as well as video so that the maximum users interact on the website. In this way, the users can also grasp the relevant information through the video. The video is more engaging nowadays so designers should put on the website to make it user-friendly.

Compatible:- The website should be more compatible so that it can be run on different browsers as well as the different operating system.

Technology:- Designers should be technical in order to create a creative and unique web design to attract the different website user.

Creative:- The website design should be creative and interactive with the user that it allows more unique user. The website should contain comment box and email forms that it converts the user to customers.