Benefits of VPS Hosting

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS also known as Virtual Private Services is a type of hosting Services from which we can host our website online. In order to launch a website online, one needed a server. Managing a server is not easy for everyone and it also too expensive to own a server. In shared web hosting, server space is shared among people who own a website. VPS hosting is a type of hosting services in which we rent a space on a dedicated web server. Like if you have a huge traffic on your website, then it is not possible to run a website on a shared web hosting as it causes too much problem.

                                                              Advantages of VPS Hosting

There are several advantages of hosting a website on VPS Servers which are described below:-

  • Privacy:– From the privacy point of view, VPS Hosting is best as it doesn’t share an operating system with anyone else.
  • Less Expensive:– VPS Hosting is less expensive than that of dedicated hosting.
  • Account set up:– It is easy to set up VPS Server account within no time.
  • Own Access:– We have own access to the server and also we can control its setting too.
  • Support:– You can have support if any problem occurs in hosting services.
  • No maintenance Charge:– You don’t have to bear maintenance charge as the hosting provider will have to bear the charges.
  • Maximum Space:– You can get the maximum space as compared to shared web hosting. There is no limitation in bandwidth and disk space as there in shared web hosting.
  • High Traffic:– As there is no limit in bandwidth as well as in disk space, VPS Hosting websites can bear the huge amount of traffic.

                                                              Limitation in VPS Hosting

As there are some advantages in having VPS Hosting, there are also some of the limitations which are described below:-

  • Cost:- The cost of VPS Web hosting is too high as compared to shared web hosting services. We rent a dedicated server IN VPS Hosting which we don’t have to share.
  • Technical Skills:- You have some technical skills in order to host a website using VPS Hosting.
  • Dependency:- There is a lot of dependency on service provider as we don’t own this server. If any issues occur at the server level, we have to depend on the hosting provider.
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