SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard technology used as a security purpose for creating an encrypted channel between a web server and a browser or we can say it as a user.  This link or a channel created ensures that the data passes through the certain link between web browsers and users should be secured and remains private. SSL is a secured layer and is adopted by many websites so as to protect the user information from the hackers available online. The protection of the online transaction from the customers is maintained through this secured layer.

SSL is a very important part of a website as the user’s data and the information is protected from others. In order to create an SSL Connection, a web server needs an SSL Certificate. When we put SSL Certificate on the website, we have to answer multiple questions regarding the ownership of the website and our company. The web server then creates two cryptographic keys i.e. Private Key and Public Key. It enhances a website security by providing important features i.e encryption as well as authentication:-

  • Encryption:- It implies that the information sent between your site and clients is ambiguous by others. At the point when a client gets to your website utilizing an SSL connection (URLs that start with https://), the web server and internet browser transfers encoded data. Balance this with decoded web exchanges, which are transmitted as plaintext and subject to eavesdropping.
  • Authentication: – It implies guests can believe that you really are who you claim to be. At the point when clients get to your site utilizing an SSL connection, they can be certain that they are seeing your site, and not an impostor’s. While encryption secures information, confirmation demonstrates your personality to others.

                                       Why does a website need an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate is an important part of our website as it secures the website visitor information such as credit or debit card, username, passwords from others. So some of the benefits of using SSL Certificates on a website are as follows: –

  • Keeps the data secure: – SSL Certificate keeps the user’s data secure. Through this, the safety of data is maintained in servers. It will not be shared by any other users nor it would be hacked by some other person.
  • Increase Google Ranking: – SSL Certificate helps in improving the ranking on the top search Engine known as Google. It will give priority to the websites containing SSL Certificate. The Google rankings further increase the business of the enterprise.
  • Build Customer Trust: – SSL Certificate helps in building the customer trust of the people. As the data is secured by the server, the trust and faith will start building among the various visitors to the website. 
  • Improve Sales/Conversion: – The certificate will also help in improving the sales and conversion of the business as the user’s data is completely secured in the servers and the customer’s trust also start building, so it directly helps in increasing the sales and conversion of the business.