Business Opportunity by Selling Reseller Hosting

Business Opportunity by Selling Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting services which are used for resale to any other person. It is a type of hosting services in which one company i.e. hosting provider company rents bandwidth as well as hard disk space to another company who then rents hosting space to the third parties and earn revenue. Simply in the sense hosting provider allows other companies to sell their hosting services on their behalf and earn money.

                                                                Advantages of Reseller Hosting

There are some advantages of reseller hosting which are as follows:-

  • Act as a hosting company: – The company or an individual looks like a hosting company as it provides hosting services to the consumers or web developers.
  • Earn revenue: – It is one of the main advantages of taking reseller hosting at it helps in earning revenue. The companies resell the hosting service in terms of earning revenue.
  • Design Own Plan: – Looks like a hosting company, they can also design hosting plans and packages to grow and earn a profit.
  • Independent cPanel: – You can have your independent control panel. You can also arrange individual control panel for each and every client.
  • Cost-Effective: – It is very cost-effective to take seller hosting. You can design plans for each and every individual.
  • Don’t need extensive knowledge: – In reseller hosting, there is not required an extensive knowledge of web design and development.

                                                          Limitations in Reseller Hosting

Like Advantages there are also some limitations in reseller hosting which are as follows:-

  • Extensive advertisement costs: – There is a lot of competition in the market which allows extensive advertisement costs for reselling hosting services to the people.
  • Huge Responsibility: – There is huge responsibility among hosting companies as they have to give support to the people who have purchased the hosting services. Customer service is very important from the business point of view.
  • Control on Server: – They don’t have control of the web servers. So if any issues occur on the servers, you will start losing some clients.                                                             

                                                    How can I earn from Reseller hosting services?

It is very easy to earn from the reseller hosting services which are described below: –

  • Research and start your own hosting company.
  • Purchase the reseller package from 99 up web hosting.
  • Understand the market situation and look for new customers.
  • Create and design your own branded hosting packages.
  • Decide the hosting plans and price.
  • Sell the hosting packages to your own clients
  • Earn money and grow your business.

                                                      What has included in Reseller hosting Packages?

There are a lot of things which are on the reseller hosting packages:-

  • Free WHMCS: – It is very helpful for people who are purchasing reseller hosting packages. It is easy to handle bill and raise ticket requests. So WHMCS is a complete solution. It is also helpful in raising invoices and creating promotions.
  • Free cPanel: – Control panel is provided with which it is easier to maintain accounts as well as update contents.
  • Free domain resale: – You can not only resale website hosting but you can also resale the domain names too.
  • Free backups and installers: – We have Softaculous software with which we can create backup and update the website installers.
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