The hard thing is to do after creating or publishing your own website is the transfer of website from one hosting to another hosting. The transfer decision is due to the bad hosting services of a provider or support issues. Transfer of website from one server to another server is not the bad thing as you would found out the best thing in other hosting services. Generally in the first attempt, the people or the owner of the website doesn’t have any certain knowledge of hosting services, so they opt for any hosting services without the prior research.

It is easy to transfer a website as no difficult steps are to be taken while transferring your website from one hosting services to another hosting services. No need of any developer to be hired while transferring the host of the website. T is done in simple and easy steps and these steps of transfer a website host are given below:

Transferring a website files to a new host: – FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a most convenient way of transferring your website files from one server to another server very easily. You can connect to your hosting account and download the files in your computer or laptop wherever possible. Then you have to upload the downloaded file to the new hosting account’s main folder. So this is the easiest way of transferring the website data from one host to another host.

Transferring the database of the website: – The second step of transferring a website from one host to another host is that you have to transfer a database of the website from old hosting account (in the form of SQL) and create a new database at your new database and import the information that you have collected from old hosting account.

Application setup of the new hosting service: – After transferring the website files and database to the new hosting services, the next task is to setup the application on the new hosting. This could either be in the form of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML, CSS, PHP or so on. So you have to set up an application and choose a better Content Management System.

Change Name Servers: – This is one of the important steps of transferring the website from one server to another. You website can only be hosted on a new hosting services if you successfully change the name servers according to the new hosting provider. Without change in the name server, your website won’t be able to run.