In the modern era, the website plays an important role in growing up the business of the entrepreneur or is useful for building the online presence of an individual. Blog is also a part of the website where we used to write content. Almost blog or website is same in a theoretical way by in a practical way, we know that blog can also be setup without the domain name as well as web hosting services. The art of writing content on the internet consist the blog.

A blog is actually another way to say “web log.” Blogs started in the mid 1990s as an online diary for people to write their own thoughts, thinking and stories on their own site. Bloggers at that point share their blog entries with other web clients. Today, most of the people are writing the blogs whether it should be in English, Hindi, Marathi or any other language just to spread their knowledge and thoughts to other people and in order to earn from the visitors. Here comes the few ways of writing the blog from choosing the right domain name to writing the first blog post

  • Understand the audience: – Before writing the first blog post, you need to understand your target audience. What should you write is totally depends upon the customers or visitor need. What the audience wants to know about should also be determined. This is the case where buyer personas come in place.
  • Purchase Domain and Setup Hosting: – Another step in writing a blog is that you have to purchase your domain name and takes the best hosting services according to need of the website. You also have to choose right content management system for the website. This can help in setting up the blog.
  • Setup the customized theme: – After purchasing the domain name and set up the hosting on the domain, the next step is to setup the customized theme on the website according to your niche. The theme can be setup to make your blog attractive to the customers, visitors or the readers. Theme setup is an important part of building a blog.
  • Identify the blog topic: – After setting up the theme, you have to identify your blog topic. You should be very clear while choosing the right topic to your blog. For example if you are a digital marketer then you should write about digital marketing tactics or some tips and tricks to get the business successful. So the topic should be very clear in your mind.
  • Determine the blog title: – After determining and selecting the topic of your choice, the next step is to come up with the name of the blog title. Title should be very unique and well written for the sake of search engine optimization. The title should be written as such the audience should be very keen to know about the blog such as how to bring the website on the top.
  • Write an Introduction: – Before writing up the post, firstly you should write about the basic of the topic. For example if your topic is about digital marketing tactics, then in the first paragraph you should write and explain what is the term digital marketing. Starting with the basic of the title is the one of the best quality of the successful blogger.
  • Write a complete blog post: – The next step after setting up the title and topic is that you have to write a complete blog post based on your thoughts as well ideas. You should bring whole of the knowledge through the blog which would help you to build a successful blog and be a successful blogger as well. The content should be unique so that audience sticks into the same.
  • Organize your content: – The last step in building a successful blog is that you have to organize your content in such a way that the users’ sticks into the blog post and read the content carefully. There should be bold characters as well italic and underlined words available in a blog posts to organize the content in a beautiful way.