Building a website is a great way to build your own online presence or to promote your business at a great level. Website is necessary to show something that creates a value. With the help of website you can share your ideas and thoughts to the different online users. Website is a path which can make your online presence even greater which helps you and your business to grow further or become influencer for so many businesses. Website is also a great way of earning a live in this modern world where other people are struggling to earn a single penny.

As we realize that hosting services is an important part of a website. Without hosting services, the site wouldn’t ready to work appropriately. The two things are extremely expected to assemble a site i.e. to begin with thing is the domain name and another is better web hosting services. So, better web hosting services is needed to build a great site. The better hosting services are expected to fulfill all demands of a website. We should not compromise on choosing the hosting services as some companies are providing it very cheap but we have to look better web hosting at a cheaper price with better quality service.

There are several steps to build a great website. The steps for creating a website are given below:-

  1. Register a domain name: – It is one of the important steps in creating a website. A domain name is there to create your own website. So we have to purchase a domain name of our choice according to our niche. So you can purchase a domain name from 99up Web Hosting.
  1. Choose a Web Hosting Service: – In order to build your own website you have to choose hosting plan from 99up Web Hosting Company which is expertise in providing the hosting services at a cheaper price. We have to purchase best hosting services at a cheaper price.
  1. Upload Website on Hosting Servers: – The next step in creating your own website is that you have to upload your purchased domain name on hosting services you have purchased. The name servers are uploaded to get the website hosted on those servers.
  1. Choose a CMS: – You have to choose the best content management system for creating your own website. The CMS could be WordPress, Joomla, HTML, PHP, Osclass and so on. You can run your website on any of the CMS to give it a good design and development.
  1. Choose a script or template: – You have to choose one script or template out of the several scripts available in that content management system. The website is designed according to the script you have chosen. It eases the way of creating your own website.
  1. Create or Write your Own Content: – After doing all the hard work for creating your own website, you have to write a content of your own or you can hire a professional writer to write a search engine optimized content for the website which could be beneficial in future. 
  1. Launch Your website: – After done with the writing content on your blog or website, you have to simply launch your website by submitting all the pages to the search engine or by creating a simple sitemap of the website and submit it to Google for clear understanding of a website.