Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services you are providing?

99up Web hosting is associated with hosting and cloud solutions from around 6 years. 99up Web hosting provides various services like Domain name registrations, Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, virtual private servers, Dedicated server , SSL certificates, cloud backup, Enterprise Email Solutions under one roof.

What is SSL Certificate?

This is a shortened form for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a typical convention used to convey data safely on the web. This convention gives a sheltered way that keeps running between two Internet-associated machines or two machines on the same inner system. It is a greatly convenient apparatus utilized by internet browsers who need to interface safely to a web server, given the wild uncertainty innate in the Internet. SSL generally works and sets up a protected session with almost no collaboration from the individual really going by the site. You may see the program showing a latch or the address demonstrating a lock and a green bar – those are the signs of SSL doing its enchantment.

What is bandwidth and how much do you need?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is accessed while viewing a website. Every time a user views a website, data is transferred, and the measurement of that transfer is bandwidth. In general, images, audio files and video files are higher in bandwidth than text. That means that if you have a more burdensome website in terms of bandwidth – if you have lots of video or streaming audio, for example – you have a higher bandwidth requirement than someone with a simple text-only website, or someone with only a few low-resolution images. Some web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, and some place a cap on it.

What is disk space and how much do I need?

Disk space refers to the total space available for a user to store files on at any time. Files may be any type – HTML, images, videos – and at any single given time, the total file size may not exceed the disk space. How much disk space you need is dependent on what type of media and interactions you’ll be hosting through your site. Your email account’s storage is also counted in disk space, so if you have large files that will sit in the account, that will boost your disk space needs. Remember that although you might not need much space now, you want wiggle room to expand and grow in the future, without switching hosts.

How do I obtain a dedicated email account?

When you purchase an account with a web host, one of the services you receive is a certain number of dedicated email accounts for any domain hosted on that account. Some web hosts give you one email account, or 20 email accounts, or unlimited email accounts. Those email accounts are managed from the control panel of the web host and you can set up email accounts, change their passwords, and set up email forwarders, all from that control panel. You can also set up a dedicated email account to send from a web-based email service like Gmail or an offline service like Outlook.

What are the designing and development options you are giving?

99up Web Hosting Company offers web design as well development of the website. We design the website according to the requirement of the website owner. The web design we are offering is great and can be appreciated by the website owner. We also bear the full responsibility of developing the website. The website we develop should be mobile as well as search engine friendly. It looks attractive in front of the visitors of the website. It also tends the people to visit your site which looks highly attractive. So, you can opt our services for the better development of your web presence.

Do you provide promotional services after designing our website?

99up Web Hosting is associated with Web Host Pune which is also experienced in promotional services of the website as well as business products. We are into being digital marketing services from the long time and we are successfully promoted other client’s website. We have a team of people who are engaged in a promotion of website. We provide search engine optimization for the website. With the help of SEO, the website will go on the top of Google page which helps in increasing the visitors on the website and indirectly helps in promotion of business.