Managed Dedicated Hosting With Several Advantages

Managed Dedicated Hosting With Several Advantages

A Dedicated Web Hosting is a type of web hosting services in which the website is hosted on a particular server not shared by any other organization or website. It is far better than any other services as the organization have full control over the server which includes the choice of operating system. It is more reliable as compared to any other hosting services. Dedicated hosting services performed better in terms of speed. 

                                                                Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

The advantages of dedicated web hosting services are as follows:-

  • Reliable: – It is more reliable as compared to other web hosting services i.e. from shared web hosting.
  • Better Performance: – The performance of website get better when hosted with dedicated web hosting services.
  • Flexible: – It is much more flexible in installing the different software and changing the name servers in the panel.
  • Full control: – There is more control on the website and servers when the website is hosted with dedicated servers.
  • Additional resources: – A lot of additional services is provided by the hosting provider when hosting a website.
  • Customization: – There is more freedom and control when the website is hosted by a dedicated The servers are not to be shared by anyone so we have to pay what we have used.
  • Uptime: There is a great uptime of the website when hosted on dedicated servers. Generally, people don’t like to wait for something so the traffic shifts to the competitors. But the dedicated servers are fully dedicated to providing9% of the uptime of the website.
  • Privacy: – There is a lot of privacy when using dedicated servers as a hosting. As these servers are not to be shared by any of the organization, the privacy of the customer information as well as the website is maintained.
  • Security: – Security of website is maintained when hosted with dedicated servers as it contains antivirus and firewall protection to secure the website from the virus. This hosting is good from the security point of view.
  • Support: – Full customer support is given in the dedicated web hosting. The hosting provider gives 24/7/365 full customer support in order to satisfy the consumer needs and solving the issues related to the servers.

                                                              Limitation of Dedicated hosting

As there are some advantages, there is also some limitation in dedicated web hosting which is as follows:-

  • Price: – The cost of hosting a website using dedicated web servers is quite high as compared to other web hosting services.
  • Good technical knowledge: – If a person doesn’t have good technical knowledge about servers, he has to bear some issues regarding hosting a website.
  • Physical Access: – The hosting provider doesn’t have the physical access to the server. The service provider is responsible for maintaining the physical server.
  • Free Scripts: – Dedicated hosting provider doesn’t provide free scripts to install on the website as those on shared web hosting.
  • Adult Content: – Adult content is strictly prohibited in dedicated web servers.
  • Spam: – Spam content is totally restricted in the dedicated web servers.
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