Create Your Own Website Using WordPress Hosting

Create Your Own Website Using WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a type of hosting services for running WordPress website particularly. WordPress is an open Content Management System (CMS) which is based on MySQL and PHP. It is a CMS which has to be installed on the web server and it is to be part of an Internet Hosting Service or Network Host. It has its own characteristics as it has high performance which includes high speed, reliability, and security.

                                                     Types of WordPress Hosting

There are four types of WordPress hosting services which includes Free, Shared, VPS, Managed WordPress Hosting which are as follows: –

  • Free WordPress Hosting: – Some companies offer WordPress hosting services free of cost which is good to hear but didn’t look like always. Generally, people opted for free hosting services but there are many limitations in these services like there is not having space for writing up the content for the website or you have to place hosting company ads in the form of banners and pop-up. So remember there is nothing free in this world. There is a price for something free which offers.
  • Shared WordPress Hosting: – Hosting many websites on a single server is known as shared WordPress hosting. It is administered by the hosting or service provider. The hosting services are very cheap as the price gets distributed among different users. Many companies claimed that they are offering unlimited space but this is not the fact. Useful tools like Control Panel and the one-click installer is also available.
  • VPS WordPress Hosting: – This hosting service includes dedicated resources to all website users by distributing a fixed portion of the server to the user. The cost of VPS WordPress hosting is high as compared to shared hosting services as the physical server is shared by the user. It is faster and advanced hosting services.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: – It is not easy to maintain and create WordPress website, so the need for managed WordPress hosting exists. We don’t have to worry about a website. The hosting provider deals with all the technical stuff which include backup of website, security, maintaining a site, monitoring and so on. So it is the most expensive hosting than other hosting services. 

                                                         Advantages of WordPress Hosting

Some of the advantages of WordPress hosting are as follows: –

  • Speed: – The WordPress hosting has faster speed as WordPress is a blog based website. So it makes the website faster with more space and bandwidth.
  • Better site security: – It has the better site security as compared to shared web hosting. It keeps on scanning suspicious files to give the better security to the websites.
  • Automatic backups: – In case of loss of any website data, the WordPress hosting has the automatic backup facility which is helpful at the time of need.
  • Automatic Updates: – WordPress mainly updates the plugins, themes, as well as software to keep our website speed fast.
  • Good Support: – 99 up Web Hosting provides good 24/7 customer support to the user. So support service is excellent given by WordPress experts.
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