Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a type of web hosting services in which the website is created and managed with more than one server as per the need. It is the latest as well as a popular form of web hosting. It is generally used as a purpose if the server has some downtime issues. Mainly the big companies prefer to have cloud hosting as they don’t want downtime of their website for a single second.

                                                            Advantages of Cloud Hosting

The advantages of hosting a website using cloud are as follows: –

  • Simple: – The account setup using cloud hosting services is very simple as we can launch a website quickly. It focuses mainly on content rather than server setup.
  • Affordable: – Cloud Hosting services are very much affordable as they came up with affordable bandwidth pricing.
  • Price: -The price is low as compared to dedicated and physical servers. The features are almost same in both the hosting services.
  • Pay as per Usage: – You have to pay only for the resources we are using. As there is some business downfall, you can simply change the plan.
  • Choice of Operating System: – We can choose operating system whichever we like according to our choice i.e. Windows or Linux.
  • Security: – Cloud hosting keeps the website data safe as the automatic backup is taken by the servers which help in recovering the website data.
  • No cost of maintenance: – There is no cost of maintaining the server as it already done by the provider or hosting companies.

                                                                   Limitation of Cloud Hosting

There is also some limitation in Cloud Hosting which is as follows: –

  • Technical Issue: – Sometimes there are some technical issues in hosting the website using Cloud Hosting.
  • Downtime: – There is possible some downtime in the Cloud Hosting server which can harm the business of someone.
  • Risk: – Since our website information is with cloud hosting provider, there is the possibility of some security risk.
  • Hacking: – In Internet, nothing is secured as information is shared by the hosting provider, so there are also some chances of the website being hacked.
  • Lesser Services: – In cloud hosting, some cloud provider offers more services and some cloud provider offers lesser services as compared.
  • Flexibility: Sometimes some cloud hosting provider doesn’t provide flexibility option as compared to another hosting service.

So we can say that cloud hosting is better than that of shared hosting as the website is hosted among different virtual networks. So by using different servers, there is less possibility of downtime of particular websites. So there are solutions for all corporate companies that their website is hosted on different servers using cloud hosting.

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