Lazing Jammu and Kashmir - India next 7 days weather forecast

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Lazing Jammu and Kashmir Current Weather Report

Last Update2023-06-03 04:00
Temp in Fahrenheit31.5 ℉
Temp. in Celcius-0.3 ℃
Temp (Feels) Fahrenheit27.1 ℉
Temp (Feels) Celcius-2.7 ℃
ConditionModerate or heavy snow showers
Wind mph4.3 m/hr
Wind kph6.8 k/hr
Wind degree313
Wind DirectionNW
Gust (Mile)5.1 m/hr
Gust (Km)8.3 k/hr
Pressure MB1012
Pressure IN29.89
Visibility (Miles)4 miles
Visibility (Km)7 km

Lazing Jammu and Kashmir 7 Days Weather

DateConditionTemp Min. Temp Max. Snow Rain
2023-06-03Moderate rain 30.9 44.1No YES
2023-06-04Patchy rain possible 31.1 45.3No YES
2023-06-05Patchy rain possible 32.7 44.1No YES
2023-06-06Moderate rain 32.2 44.6No YES
2023-06-07Patchy rain possible 33.1 47.8No YES
2023-06-08Patchy rain possible 35.6 51.3No YES
2023-06-09Sunny 35.6 53.4No No

Next Week Rain forecast in Lazing Jammu and Kashmir

2023-06-03Moderate rain
2023-06-04Patchy rain possible
2023-06-05Patchy rain possible
2023-06-06Moderate rain
2023-06-07Patchy rain possible
2023-06-08Patchy rain possible

Next Week Snow forecast in Lazing Jammu and Kashmir

No Snow Forecast in upcoming week